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Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation 1814 Vinyl LP New 2019

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Cat no. B3020501

Track Listing

1. Interlude: Pledge [Side A]
2. Rhythm Nation [Side A]
3. Interlude: T.V. [Side A]
4. State Of The World [Side A]
5. Interlude: Race [Side A]
6. The Knowledge [Side A]
7. Interlude: Let's Dance [Side B]
8. Miss You Much [Side B]
9. Interlude: Come Back Interlude [Side B]
10. Love Will Never Do (Without You) [Side B]
11. Livin' In A World (They Didn't Make) [Side B]

1. Alright [Side C]
2. Interlude: Hey Baby [Side C]
3. Escapade [Side C]
4. Interlude: No Acid [Side C]
5. Black Cat [Side C]
6. Lonely [Side D]
7. Come Back To Me [Side D]
8. Someday Is Tonight [Side D]
9. Interlude: Livin'... In Complete Darkness [Side D]

The iconic album, on 2 LP for the first time