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Cat no. SUZ5470.1
Track Listings
1. Introduction
2. Brother Rapp
3. Ain't It Funky Now
4. Georgia on My Mind - Part 1
5. Georgia on My Mind - Part 2
6. Sunny
7. Intro: Bobby Byrd
8. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
9. I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone)
10. Introduction: Vicki Anderson
11. Don't Play That Song (You Lied)
12. Yesterday
13. Break & Intro Announcement
14. Dance & It's a New Day
15. Bewildered - Part 1
16. Bewildered - Part 2
17. There Was a Time
18. Sex Machine
19. Try Me - Part 1
20. Try Me - Part 2
21. Papa's Got a Brand New Bag/I Got You/I Got the Feelin'
22. Give It Up or Turn It a Loose
23. It's a Man's Man's Man's World
24. Who Am I
25. Please Please Please
26. Sex Machine (Reprise)
27. Super Bad
28. Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved
29. Soul Power
30. Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved (Reprise)
31. Finale

2014 first release of the triple vinyl LP set as envisioned by James Brown.Includes deluxe jacket with rare photos & liner notes by Alan Leeds. Mastered from Brown's 1971 mixdown reels, unused until now James Brown's magnum opus! Love Power Peace is the sound of the Godfather with his youngblood J.B.'s (including Bootsy and Catfish Collins) electrifying a crazed Parisian audience on March 8, 1971. Sequenced & mixed by Brown himself for a planned triple album, the set was shelved when key band members departed before it could be issued. Here, for the first time, are the sides as intended, exactly as delivered by James Brown Productions to his label in 1971. Brown & the J.B.'s rip through recent singles like "Sex Machine, " "Super Bad, " "Give It Up or Turnit a Loose" and "Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved" with a metronomic precision laid down by bassist Bootsy Collins and drummer Jabo Starks. "Ain't It Funky Now" - formerly a slow, simmering groove - is transformed into a fast, funky tour de force in which newbie Catfish Collins unleashes one of the most badass guitar solos ever, while a medley of three other Brown standards ("Papa's Got a Brand New Bag"/"I Got You (I Feel Good)"/"I Got the Feelin' ") blazes by faster than the Godfather of Soul's personal Learjet. Interspersed with just the right amount of slow numbers like "Georgia on My Mind, " it also includes tracks from the show's supporting acts that were not included on the 1992 CD (which was a remixed, incomplete show).