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If Music presents: You Need This: If Music Is 20 compiled by Jean-Claude Vinyl LP 2023

Cat no. BBE711CLP

LP 1

1. Sunday Sea Improvisation - Tamar Osborn
2. Fidji - Christine Schaller
3. Fall In To Me (Alternate Version) - Emanative & Liz Elensky
4. Turkish Showbiz - Atilla Engin Group
5. Dennison Point - Tenderlonious

LP 2

1. Adelie (For Lady D.) - Sylvain Kassap
2. We Are Not Invisible - Ola Szmidt
3. Big Kalimba - Greetje Bijma Kwintet
4. At the Speed of Light - Sarathy Korwar

Celebrating two decades of IF Music's curation of Black music through its record shop, a thriving website, album reissues and compilations in collaboration with BBE Music, parties and radio shows, "IF Music Presents You Need This: 20 years" is a 9 track, double vinyl LP beautifully put together by Jean-Claude. Coming, as it does, as the 9th release in the "You Need This" series of compilations curated by Jean-Claude, this album features music that ranges from 1980 (Christine Schaller's spectacular "Fidji") to exclusive tracks from the likes of Emanative & Liz Elensky ('Fall Into Me') and Tenderlonious ('Dennison Point') which both bring us up to the present day. It is Jean-Claude's remarkable ear for music that, as with all the previous "You Need This" releases, creates a wonderfully coherent journey through the decades across the four sides of this masterpiece of a compilation album. As mentioned earlier "You Need This: 20 Years" will be released as a double LP pressed on 180 gramme heavy vinyl, cut at 45rpm and on digital. Whether this starts, adds or completes your collection of Jean-Claude's "You Need This" series of compilations, "20 Years" is a must-have and indeed, you really do need this!