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Cat no. MRG585LPC1


Side 1 - Track 1. Give Me A Reason

Side 1 - Track 2. The Chant (Iqo Isang)

Side 1 - Track 3. One That Lights Up (Andi Domo Ikang Uwem Mi)

Side 1 - Track 4. The Pot Is On Fire

Side 1 - Track 5. QuiteSide 2 - Track 1. Joy (Idaresit)


Side 2 - Track 2. Power Of 3

Side 2 - Track 3. Lullaby

Side 2 - Track 4. Guide You (Edu Kpeme)

Side 2 - Track 5. Sunray (Eyio)

Side 2 - Track 6. Cry (Eyed)


Much has changed since Eno Williams released her first album under the Ibibio Sound Machine alias back in 2014. The album - a thrilling mix of elements borrowed from Nigerian funk and '80s electro - has became something of a must-have in the years since its release.

This belated follow-up is equally as impressive. While the more electrofunk inspired workouts naturally hit home hard - see "Give Me A Reason", "The Chant (Iqo Isang)" and the spiraling synth brilliance of "Guide You (Edu Kpeme)" - the album's occasional excursions into fuzzy, post-punk pastures and more traditional Afro-funk territory are equally as impressive. There's no hint of the infamous "second album symptom" that has previously beset artists who produce great debuts; if anything, Uyai is even better than its acclaimed predecessor.