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Hprizm Magnetic Memory 12" Vinyl EP New 2019

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Cat no. LPDG175
Track Listing

1. Keep Pushing 2. Infusion 3. Resuscitate 4. WakinEmUp 5. Forever 6. Break The Body 7. Up From The Flames 8. Soul Asia (Adrenaline) 9. What's Worth What 10. And Bet 11. After The Storm 12. Electric Ladyland

A founding member of Anti-Pop Consortium, Prizm has consistently challenged the boundaries of hip-hop, collaborating and performing alongside a diverse cast of creative musicians, including Wadada Leo Smith, Anthony Braxton, and Vijay Iyer. Composed and recorded throughout last year, Magnetic Memory is guided by Prizms desire to reconnect with a more traditional approach to sampling. In constructing Magnetic Memorys rhythms and atmospheres, Prizm chose to work within the technological constraints of his earliest days as a producer. Not a lot of gear, says Prizm. To make it more basement. Its not about nostalgia. Its about applying old constraints to new technology in an effort to reconnect with a voice. Prizm is joined on Magnetic Memory by New York City-based jazz musicians, James Brandon Lewis, Heru Shabaka, and Shawn Keys.