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Hoops Halo Vinyl LP 2020 Ltd Dinked Edition #58

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. FP1758-3

dinked edition : DINKED 58


  • Exclusive green & blue marbled vinyl
  • Exclusive alternate colour sleeve
  • Exclusive 7” of ‘English Breakfast’ EP
  • 400 pressing


A1:  Glad You Stayed

A2: Fall Back

A3: Blind

A4: Ride

A5: Everyone You Know

A6: Heart Never Stops

B1: They Say

B2: Quiet Games

B3: Total Disregard

B4: I’m On TV

B5: When It Goes

Bonus 7”

A1: Don’t Panic (Coldplay)

B1: Reflections After Jane (The Clientele)

*Limited to 1 per customer