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HOOKWORMS Microshift LP Indies Only Vinyl Alt Sleeve NEW 2018

Sold out
Cat no. WIGLP423X

Negative Space
Static Resistance
The Soft Season
Each Time We Pass
Boxing Day

The urgency and viscera - both live and on record - that led Yorkshire-based five-piece Hookworms to prominence across two blistering full length albums, 2013’s Pearl Mystic and 2014 follow-up The Hum, remains. However, as they return with their much-anticipated third record Microshift, the band deliver a seismic shift in their sound, dynamic, songwriting and production.

Radiant, immersive and teeming with light but still heavy and forceful, the music on the new LP acts as a very deliberate counter to some of the difficult topics its lyrics address - ranging from death, disease, heartbreak, body image and even natural disaster. Hookworms have pulled off a triumph against adversity, a comeback with what they may see as a ‘Microshift’ but is in fact a massive advancement.

This limited edition LP format features alternate artwork presented in a printed PVC outer sleeve, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.