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Cat no. ARCR104.1
Track Listings
1. Hearts Just Beat
2. Troubled Times
3. No Happy Birthday
4. Nothing Easy Feels This Good
5. Time Ain't Slowing Down for Us
6. Orange Curtain Light
7. Come Back to Life
8. Nowhere We Cannot Go
9. Hey Love
10. If More Things Go Wrong
11. Five Seasons
12. Just Come out Tonight
13. Shelter

Vinyl LP pressing. 2015 release, the eighth album from the critically acclaimed singer/songwriter. Having spent nearly two decades creating uniquely affecting music defined by folk and indie rock flourishes, personal sentiment and an unmistakable voice that transcends the rare intersection of Neil Young's signature warble with Leonard Cohen's baritone rasp. Now preparing to release his second record with Canadian independent stalwart Arts &Crafts, Hey Love will continue to shape the growing legacy of this important homegrown artist, paving a reinvigorated path for the storied artist. Includes 'Hearts Just Beat', 'Nothing Easy Feels This Good', 'Orange Curtain Light' and 'No Happy Birthday'.