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HAMMERFALL Glory To The Brave DELUXE LP Vinyl NEW 2017

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. NB4035-1

LP 1
The Dragon Lies Bleeding
The Metal Age
I Believe
Child Of The Damned
Steel Meets Steel
Stone Cold
Glory To The Brave

LP 2
The Metal Age (live 1998)
Steel Meets Steel (live 1998)
Stone Cold (live 1998)
Glory To The Brave (live 2012)
Hammerfall (live 2012)
The Dragon Lies Bleeding (live 2012)
Glory To The Brave - Medley (live 2017)

The career of Swedish heavy metal pioneers HammerFall is one amazing march of triumph. After revolutionizing the genre by the end of the ‘90s and becoming one of the godfathers of power metal, the Gothenburg-based quintet have released a total of 10 studio albums, several compilations and live releases and have toured the globe relentlessly.

The album which started it all, Glory to the Brave, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and is being granted a new deluxe reissue to mark the occasion. The original album is remastered with two extra tracks (including a cover of Stormwitch’s Ravenlord), and supplemented with a bonus LP featuring live material.