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Catherine Rudie The MoBius Kiss Vinyl LP 2019

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Cat no. MOBIUS001LP

1. The Möbius Kiss (Intro)
2. The Möbius Kiss
3. London Is Changing
4. The Airtraffic Controller
5. Harbour of Grudges
6. Everyday Dangers
7. Pale Blue Dot
8. Chasing Wasps
9. The Crown
10. God of the Insects

Originally from Sutherland in the North Coast of Scotland, singer-songwriter Catherine Rudie lives and works in London. She is a past recipient of the Scottish Burns Award for songwriting and has been named by BBC Radio 3’s Late Junc on as ‘One to Watch’ for 2019.

Her debut album ‘The Mobius Kiss’ was created in response to the twin losses of a long-term relationship and the dissolution of the creative world she had lived in for nearly a decade. As her home and studio were redeveloped into luxury flats and the related community of artists and musicians was broken up, she began to write songs which tried to make sense of the rapidly changing world she found herself in and that seemed to be rejecting her.

The name ‘Mobius Kiss’ comes from the title of a drawing by David Byrne, from his ‘Tree’ series. In the drawing, he lists many kinds of kisses and shows them in relationship with each other. The mix of very modern environments and instruments combined with Catherine’s childhood musical experiences in the remote North Coast of Scotland, playing the bagpipes in a community pipe band and singing traditional acapella Gaelic songs at local events, defines the unique sound of the album. The final production of the album was crafted in collaboration with Stephen Hodd (who has worked with Passenger and Lou Rhodes amongst others).