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Cat no. 3760053843364

Track Listing
1. ...and Then Comes Lividity 0.43
2. Stiff and Cold 4.27
3. Disincarnated 4.27
4. Considered Dead 3.31
5. Rottenatomy 4.45
6. Bodily Corrupted 4.36
7. Waste of Mortality 4.37
8. Drifting Remains 3.43
9. Hematological Allergy 4.09
10. Inoculated Life 3.53
When you think of death metal, one of the first bands to roll off your tongue should be Gorguts.
Formed in 1989, the band were picked up by Roadrunner Records following their first demo, ...And Then Comes Lividity.
Their debut album, Considered Dead, followed in 1991, and featured guest appearances by James Murphy (a guitar solo on Inoculated Life) and Chris Barnes (backing vocals on Bodily Corrupted, Rottenatomy and Hematological Allergy).
12” LP Vinyl, **Please note this edition is a reissue on black vinyl.**