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Our Edinburgh Shop is currently undergoing a refurbishment!

Gojira Magma Vinyl LP 2016

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Cat no. 0016861747916


  1. The Shooting Star
  2. Silvera
  3. The Cell
  4. Stranded
  5. Yellow Stone
  6. Magma
  7. Pray
  8. Only Pain
  9. Low Lands
  10. Liberation

This sixth album by the French extreme metallers is a bold step forward into new territory. Having already cemented their place as one of the best technical death metal bands in history, here they broaden their horizons considerably, experimenting with melody, groove, shorter songs, more straightforward structures, and actual singing. This shift from complexity toward accessibility has seen Magma draw comparisons with Metallica's black album, which Gojira have welcomed. Although they have toned down the complexity a bit, the music is still incredibly heavy, and there are still more ideas in this album than most bands manage in an entire career