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Cat no. FMWB822.1
Track Listings
1. I Could Never Be A Soldier
2. Ship
3. A Dog With No Collar
4. Lady Lake
5. Same Dreams
6. Social Embarassment

"Lady Lake" is the second album by British progressive rock band Gnidrolog led by twin brothers Stewart and Colin Goldring. Lady Lake was originally released in 1972 while the group was often compared to Gentle Giantand Van der Graaf Generator with a touch of early Yes and King Crimson also and at times an edgy jazz sound. The songs are beautifully arranged and recorded. Opening with the powerful anti-war epic "I Could Never Be A Soldier" to the last track "Social Embarassment" the album is an eclectic showcase for the band and shows why this is a underground progressive rock classic. A long out of print record that fetchs large sums online Lady Lake is reissued on 180 gram vinyl with additional liner notes by Stewart Goldring on a double sided insert.