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Ghostface Killah Bulletproof Wallets Vinyl LP 2016

Cat no. GET51322LP


  1. Maxine    
  2. Flowers
  3. Never Be The Same Again
  4. Theodore
  5. Ghost Showers    
  6. Strawberry
  7. The Forest    
  8. The Juks
  9. Walking Through The Darkness
  10. The Hilton
  11. Love Session
  12. Street Chemistry

How could an artist follow up a record as solid as Supreme Clientele? Ghostface Killah answers that question in sound on Bulletproof Wallets. The release reunites GFK with his partner in rhyme Raekwon and continues Ghost's winning streak of delivering front to back classic material. Filled with the usual Ghost slang and bass heavy production, Bulletproof Wallets is the follow up Supreme Clientele deserved, delivered without skipping a beat. The fun Ghost & Rae are having on this record is beyond apparent. Bulletproof Wallets is almost like a party album, packed with hit singles and street bangers. Never Be the Same Again" (with Carl Thomas & Raekwon) and "Ghost Showers play alongside "Maxine" and The Forrest all working off each other's energy. Other stand outs like "Walking through the Darkness", & "The Hilton" all bang through the speakers and continue to add to Ghost's undeniable catalog. Backed up by groundbreaking production from The RZA, Alchemist, Carlos '6 July' Broady and Mathematics, Ghostface shines and the chemistry between Rae and GFK is incredible!