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Genevieve Artadi - Dizzy Strange Summer Vinyl LP New Pre Order 17/07/20

Cat no. BF098
Please note this is a pre-order item due for release 17th July 2020* and will not ship before this date (*maybe subject to changes)

Track Listing

1. I Hate When I Can’t Feel My Heart [Explicit]
2. Living Like I Know I’m Gonna Die
3. Godzillaaaa
4. Nowhere to Go
5. Edge of the Cliff [Explicit]
6. Will You Tell Me
7. Loneliness Grows
8. Hot Mess [Explicit]
9. Hope Song
10. Is What You Believe
11. Feelz Tru
12. oo ya
13. All I Want for Now
14. Mad Child
15. Before the Dark
16. cupcake5