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Cat no. HAAR73077.1
Track Listings
1. [Nowhere]
2. First Weeks
3. Michael
4. Hypericum
5. Idea for Strings
6. Soft Season
7. QY2
8. Speech of Foxes
9. Braid
10. Marathon (in Roses)
11. Polly

In Roses is the second album from Massachusetts based Gem Club was recorded at Tiny Telephone, John Vanderslice's studio, in 2013. For In Roses, Gem Club worked along with arranger and conductor Minna Choi of the Magik Markers Orchestra to create and reshape the melancholy songs in fresh and unimaginable ways. The resulting album is more expansive, more majestic, and yet retains the intimacy of Gem Club's previous works. In Roses combines beauty and sadness with intimate and graceful songs about the realization that life is no longer happening the way we want. In Roses provides solace in song.