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Cat no. ATI87182.1
Track Listings
1. Ha Di Ka (feat. Big Chief Juan Pardo and the Golden Camanche) - 3:28
2. Hey Na Na (feat. David Shaw from The Revivalists & Maggie Koerner) - 3:33
3. Magalenha (feat. Casa Samba) - 3:26
4. Voyage Ton Flag - 3:04
5. Out In The Street (feat. Cyril & Ivan Neville) - 3:28
6. JuLou - 1:23
7. Move Fast (feat. Mystikal & Mannie Fresh) - 3:09
8. Karate (feat. KIPP Reniassance High School Marching Band) - 3:34
9. Guero Bounce - 0:57
10. Carnival Time (feat. Al "Carnival Time" Johnson) - 3:18
11. Attack - 3:28
12. O Co co da Galinha (feat. Moyseis Marques) - 2:43
13. Ash Wednesday Sunrise - 3:38

Galactic was formed eighteen years ago in New Orleans; the band cut their teeth playing the biggest party in America, Mardi Gras, when the town shuts completely down to celebrate. Carnivale Electricos is the sound of that party, and much more. It s a carnival record that evokes the primal, electric atmosphere of a whole city vibrating together to one beat, in a seismic wave that runs from New Orleans down through the Caribbean to the southern hemisphere and the mighty megacarnivals of Brazil.