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Frightened Rabbit - Winter Of Mixed Drinks Vinyl LP 10th Anniversary Ice Blue Colour 2020

Cat no. FATLP84X

Limited 10th Anniversary Ice Blue Colour Vinyl with bonus 7" Single

Track Listing

  1.     Things
  2.     Swim Until You Can't See Land     
  3.     The Loneliness and the Scream    
  4.     The Wrestle  
  5.     Skip The Youth         
  6.     Nothing Like You     
  7.     Man/Bag of Sand    
  8.     FootShooter
  9.     Not Miserable          
  10.     Living In Colour        
  11.     Yes, I Would

Bonus 7"

1. Things Live at the Roundhouse, London, UK. December 7th 2016
2. The Wrestle   Live at The Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH, USA. May 5th 2010

Frightened Rabbit’s The Winter Of Mixed Drinks turns ten this year and in order to celebrate, FatCat Records will release an Anniversary Edition of the LP. Boasting Limited Edition Ice Blue Vinyl, the Anniversary Edition will also feature an additional bonus 7” featuring two previously unreleased live tracks, remixed and remastered for this release.

The Winter Of Mixed Drinks was written over seven weeks in the isolated but beautiful coastal town of Crail in Fyfe, Scotland, following heavy touring in support of the band’s second album The Midnight Organ Fight. Grant Hutchison, drummer, stated “the location had a big impact on the songs. There’s definitely a nautical theme to a lot of the tracks and a feeling of testing yourself to the limit which the sea plays a big part in.”

The album was primarily recorded at Castle Sound Studios in Scotland, with additional recording and production taking place at Tarquin Studios in Connecticut, alongside their trusted producer Peter Katis.