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Cat no. GDWN54069.1
Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Damn Right, I Am Somebody
2. Blow Your Head
3. I'm Payin' Taxes, What Am I Buyin'?
4. Same Beat (Pt. 1)
5. If You Don't Get It the First Time, Back Up & Try It Again, Parrty
6. Make Me What You Want Me to Be
7. Going to Get a Thrill
8. You Sure Love to Ball
Disc: 2
1. Blow Your Head (Unrubbed Version)

In 1974 one of James Browns most important band- leaders and sidemen trombonist Fred Wesley would release not one but two albums as a leader including Damn Right, I Am Somebody. Starting with an evocative cover it was clear to fans that this album wasnt all about a party. Deep messages abound in the songs here, such as the nearly 10-minute workout "I'm Paying Taxes, But What Am I Buying. " Social messages aside, Fred and his assembled JBs were a party-moving funk machine at heart, as heard on "If You Dont Get It the First Time, Back Up and Try It Again Party" and the laid-back groove of "Same Beat" (with prototypical sampling of Jesse Jackson exhorting an audience to chant "I am / Somebody"). Nestled among these raise-your -first classics is one of the most experimental funk ever made: "Blow Your Head," known to relatively modern listeners as the backbone of Public Enemy's "Public Enemy #1" (from 1987). Get on Down pays reverent tribute to this classic by pressing it on 150-gram vinyl, housed in a 1970 style Stoughton jacket in an 8-gauge custom polybag emblazoned with an embossed People Records logo. in addition, the package comes with 22'x 22' poster featuring the original cover art, as well as a 7-inch flexidisc of the rare "Unrubbed Version" (without Moog) of Fred Wesley & the JBs' 1973 single "Blow Your Head. " This version was only available previously on 2000s James Brown Funky People Part 3 compilation.