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Loyalty Program is active again! In time for RSD 2024


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Cat no. BTBR21.1
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A1 Speed Of Darkness
A2 Revolution
A3 The Heart Of The Sea
A4 Don't Shut 'Em Down
A5 The Power's Out
A6 So Sail On
B1 Saints & Sinners
B2 This Present State Of Grace
B3 The Cradle Of Humankind
B4 Oliver Boy (All Of Our Boys)
B5 A Prayer For Me In Silence
B6 Rise Up

SPEED OF DARKNESS, the follow up to 2008s FLOAT, is punk ensemble Flogging Molly's fifth and arguably most important album. SPEED OF DARKNESS, produced by Ryan Hewitt, takes a hard-nosed look at the economic collapse in the U.S. and the causes and direct effect it has had on everyday people. While SPEED OF DARKNESS attacks much of the greed and ignorance responsible for where we are, the album also delivers a message of hope, humanity and the resilience of mankind. The album, like Flogging Molly itself, is a testament to youth and resilience, to growing old and the wisdom of scars, and yet for all of the records darkness and the speed with which it descends, the ultimate theme is one of light: we can persevere. We must -and we will - persevere.