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FIRESPAWN The Reprobate LP Vinyl NEW 2017

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. 88985418661


A Swedish group conceived by Necrophobic bassist Alex Friberg, Entombed A.D. vocalist Lars-Goran Petrov, bassist Victor Brandt, Unleashed guitarist Fredrik Folkare and Usurpress drummer Matte Modin. Borne by an unnatural need to craft, however wicked, the deadliest metal, Firespawn quickly set to work on what would be their debut full-length, Shadow Realms. 'The Reprobate' sounds like a great beast roaring. Songs like 'Serpent of the Ocean', 'Blood Eagle', and 'The Whitechapel Murderer' are brutal yet grandiose. They ravage yet have an air of sophistication. Firespawn embody the art and vision of death metal classic and contemporary.