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Felix Da Housecat Devin Dazzle And The Neon Fever Vinyl LP 2004

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Cat no. ENR70721


1. Into
2. Rocket Ride
3. What She Wants
4. Short Skirts
5. Ready 2 Wear
6. Romantique
7. Everyone Is Someone In LA
8. She's So D'mn Cool
9. Let Your Mind Be Your Bed
10. Watching The Cars Go By
11. Hunting Season
12. Nitelife Funworld
13. Nina
14. Devin Dazzle
15. Neon Human

Despite the rise and subsequent fall of electroclash, the pioneering DJ and producer hasn't quite given up on it yet. Even the title of Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever smacks of 80sglam and thankfully the music backs it up. The only noticeably different approach in style is where as Kittenz & Thee Glitz was electronic punk, Devin… is electronic stadium-rock.

Introduced by his trademark cold, metallic vocals, first track "Rocket Ride" holds a slick guitar and synth riff that absolutely rocks, though not in the same sense that "Silver Screen" did, it's more electronic rock for listening pleasure. The 1980s sound is as ever prevalent with tracks like "Ready to Wear" capturing the essence that crossover bands such as New Order had. The closing song "Neon Human" is a fantastic piece of synth pop with the mantra "I Wanna Be Human", sounding like a Kraftwerkian version of "Axl F" for a new generation. Devin Dazzle is oppressive, quirky, retro and progressive--a shining example that dance music can still be made for listening without drifting into dreary chillout mush. -–David Trueman