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Loyalty Program is active again! In time for RSD 2024

Exist So True, So Bound Vinyl LP 2017

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Cat no. PROS102981


1. Take My Picture
2. Happily Ever After (For a Week or so...)
3. So True: Imitation's Flattery
4. So Bound: One of the Herd
5. Peer Prejudice
6. To Sever the Strings (feat. Bobby Koelble)
7. Shade From My Fire
8. Fault's Peaks

Having cut his teeth with Cynic, Defeated Sanity, and as front-man of the "Death To All" touring tribute to Chuck Shuldiner, it's safe to say that Max Phelps, founder of EXIST, has proven himself a more than capable performer in the progressive death metal world. Phelps formed Exist back in the late '00s releasing the "In Mirrors EP" in 2010 and following it up with the bands debut full-length, "Sunlight" in 2013 . The began recording new material in 2016 and got in touch with Prosthetic Records, who signed Exist immediately. So True, So Bound, Exists' debut album for Prosthetic, is a concept album that takes a look at how language and concrete definitions create societal rules and guidelines. It's a fitting subject in today's quick to judge and dismiss world where a lot of communication is done through 140 characters. Phelps comments: Self-produced and mixed by Nolly Getgood (Periphery), the So True, So Bound will see a worldwide release date through Prosthetic Records on June 9th. One week prior to release, Exist will kick off a North America tour headlined by Montreal progressive metal giants, Gorguts. Phelps will also be fronting Defeated Sanity on the trek, pulling vocal double duty. No small feat for two such hard-hitting bands.