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EURYTHMICS Touch LP Vinyl NEW 2018

Cat no. 19075811621

Here Comes the Rain Again
Right By Your Side
Cool Blue
Who's That Girl

The First Cut
No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts) [Remastered]
Paint a Rumour

Released in the same year as their Sweet Dreams album, Touch was recorded quickly over a three-week period, as Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox spent most of 1983 on the road. The speed of the recording process had no harmful impact on the quality of Touch, which contains three hit singles (“Here Comes the Rain Again,” “Right By Your Side” and “Who’s That Girl?”) and explores a range of emotions and sounds. Adding guitars and orchestral arrangements, the duo perfected their hybrid new wave electronic sound, creating what AllMusic reviewer Jose Promis called a “milestone” album of the 1980s.