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Emily Edrosa - Another Wave is Coming Vinyl LP 2020

Cat no. PTVLP103

Track Listing:

1. She Agreed - Emily Edrosa
2. NCEA - Emily Edrosa
3. Drinking During the Day - Emily Edrosa
4. When Our Brains Betray Us - Emily Edrosa
5. A New Career - Emily Edrosa
6. What s Love Got to Do With the Price of Fish - Emily Edrosa
7. Springtime s Stranger in a Strange Place - Emily Edrosa
8. Wade Thru - Emily Edrosa
9. Evil King - Emily Edrosa
10. Action - Emily Edrosa
11. Hollywood Dream Trip - Emily Edrosa

'Another Wave is Coming', the new solo record from New Zealand multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Emily Edrosa, is the product of a labor spanning three years and two halves of the globe. Many of the songs that became 'Another Wave' were written and partly recorded before Emily moved to Los Angeles in 2016. She left behind a friendly music scene and a reputation built upon nearly ten years fronting the award-winning band Street Chant to start over in a country that seemed in its death throes. The album's title reflects the almost cosmic swell that carried her across the world.