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Cat no. HDPN702041.1
Track Listings
1. Show Me How To Move
2. Off The Wall
3. Bubble
4. Bringing Out The Shoulders
5. So Down Low
6. You Have Me
7. Backing Up
8. Sexual Intellectual
9. Awake and Well
10. Shining Star
11. It Aint Over Til It's Over
12. Away Too Long

The Elwins are a pop band from the lakeside town of Keswick, Ontario that specialize in writing bright infectious songs. They're a group of guys that you would be happy to introduce to your friends and parents. Formed in 2008 by high school friends Matthew Sweeney and Travis Stokl,they were soon joined by Feurd Moore and Frankie Figliomeni. With a strong pop sensibility, their music has garnered The Elwins an impressive amount of attention and support of their peers.