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Elswhere Junior I : Cosmic Children Songs Vinyl LP New 2019

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Cat no. ZZZV19008
Track Listing

A1 Milyo Kolarov - Analogue Beam 03.04
A2 Jah Limonardi Und Die Kleine Gräfin Dubski - Totti und Pippo 04.25
A3 Volkers Musikspiele - Der Kleine Roboter 02.40
B1 Kiu Tu Ets El Meu Amic - Un Dia Especial 03.42
B2 Palla Templouf - Ping en Keun 04.51
B3 ??????????? 01.25
B4 Der Plan - ZurA?ck in Die AtmosphN?re 02.19
C1 Jan Turkenburg - In Hyperspace 04.42
C2 Zahn - Ich Bin Zornig 04.36
C3 Oslo Karamell - Kvirrevitt 04.02
D1 PM Production - Pe?le-Me?le 04.08
D2 Thomas Natschinksi - Robotertanz 02.31
D3 Nikolay Stenski - Tale of the Old Turtle 03.20

For Music For Dreams’ collector’s series, we aim to bring you something a little different, something a little out there.
After eclectic contributions from Jan Schulte, Moonboots and most recently Basso, we’ve lent the slot to Belgian sonic globetrotter DJ soFa. As always, he’s been granted supreme curatorial sovereignty, and trust us, he held us to our word on that one. For "Elsewhere Junior I", soFa takes us on a trip to the alluring and magical reality of childhood - and a trip, it is. The double LP features both new and old compositions from a wide range of countries, all centered around the youngest? citizens of planet earth. The compilation has been 2.5 years in the making, with soFa collecting obscure pieces from all over the world and inspiring young collaborators to produce new tracks mostly by means of analogue synthesizers and vintage drum machines. The result is a thematically and sonically homogenous collage of cosmic children’s music.