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Cat no. CRB79289.1
Track Listings
1. Peter's Trip
2. Joint Passing
3. Psyche Soap
4. M-23
5. Synesthesia
6. A Little Head
7. Hobbit
8. Inner Pocket
9. Fewghh
10. Green And Gold
11. The Other Ed Norton
12. Flash, Bam, Pow
13. Home Room
14. Peter Gets Off
15. Practice Music
16. Fine Jung Thing
17. Senior Citizen
18. Gettin' Hard

Legendary director Roger Corman, known for his “B” films for the American International Pictures, had filmed The Trip about an LSD trip. The filming was done during a 17 day period beginning in mid-March and ending in early April in and around Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and starred Peter Fonda, Susan Strasberg, Bruce Dern, Salli Sachse and Dennie Hopper. Gram Parson’s International Submarine Band was originally suggested to record the soundtrack but Corman did not feel that Parson’s group’s music fit the movie. Peter Fonda suggested Bloomfield’s band, which did not yet have a name.

The recording was done over a ten day period for Sidewalk Records, owned by Mike Curb, which had distribution through Capitol Records. The movie was released in August and the soundtrack was released a short time later. It was a landmark album that broke barriers. It featured a mixed racial group that played a unique blend of blues, rock, classical and avant garde music—the first rock band to have horns (ahead of Chicago and Blood, Sweat and Tears) and the first to feature a Moog synthesizer. Since the band did not have a name, the group was credited as The American Music Band.