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Easy Life Life's A Beach Vinyl LP Assai Obi Signed Edition 2021

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. 3564081A

Limited Assai Records Vinyl Edition - Album of the month (June)

  • Assai Records Exclusive Japanese OBi*
  • Signed Obi by Easylife*
  • Black Vinyl
  • Hand Numbered edition - 200 copies*

*Exclusive to this Assai Records Edition, limited to 1 per customer. Multiple orders will be cancelled without notice. No sales/shipping to non-uk addresses or ebay resellers.


1. a message to myself
2. have a great day
3. ocean view
4. skeletons
5. daydreams
6. life’s a beach (interlude)
7. living strange
8. compliments
9. lifeboat
10. nightmares
11. homesickness
12. music to walk home to