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DWORNIAK BONE LAPSA Fingers Pointing At The Moon LP Vinyl NEW 2018

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Cat no. DBLJL11963


Home - I See Through You - Conversations In My Head - Justify - Home (Slight Return)
It Only Takes A Second
Funny Farm
Fingers Pointing At The Moon

Dworniak Bone Lapsa (DBL) consists of Chris Lapsa Composer, Vocalist and Guitarist, Joe Dworniak Producer, Multi Instrumentalist & Composer and Greg Bone one of the UK's most treasured and experienced Guitarists. DBL is a rock band whose musical style is to carve symphonic tracks into focused lyrical concepts. Fingers Pointing At The Moon, the band's debut album is a contemporary concept album. Chris Lapsa, the album's main composer, collaborated with Cornish based visual artist, Roger Thorp (U2, The Clash etc) to create a filmic narrative for the album. This will serve as a backdrop to the live music, using imagery to enhance the listening experience. The band received the prestigious accolade of Robert Wyatt guesting on Fingers Pointing At The Moon's 11 minute opening track 'Mortalman'. The album has been well received, evoking positive feedback from industry icons. For fans of 10CC, Pink Floyd and Genesis