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Dona Onete - Feitio Caboclo Vinyl LP 2020

Cat no. MAIS27LP
Track Listing:
1. Feitiço caboclo
2. Carimbó chamegado
3. Homenagem aos orixás
4. Jamburana
5. Moreno morenado
6. Balanço crioulo
7. Poder da sedução
8. Boi guitarreiro
9. Rio de lágrimas
10. Lua namoradeira
11. Meu louco desejo

With her joyous stage persona and intoxicating blend of Amazonian, Afro-Brazilian and Caribbean rhythms, Dona Onete is one of 'world music's most entertaining recent success stories. Described by her manager as 'Grace Jones trapped in the body of Cesaria Evora', Onete's songs talk about the delights of seducing men, herbs that make your body 'shake' and her encounters with legends of the Amazon.