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Dominic J Marshall - Nomads Land Vinyl LP 2020

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Cat no. DTW56
Track Listing

1. Coldshwr
2. Herb-lady
3. Time Unremembered
4. Lady Death
5. DMT
6. Feeling
7. On Time
8. Initiation
9. Storyline
10. Lioness

Within the genetic makeup of Darker Than Wax, jazz is the key. After nearly 8 years of existence as a label, Darker Than Wax are proud to present a record that truly contributes to the pantheon of jazz music. Welcome to Nomad’s Land - a sprawling, dreamy, brutally honest album from British pianist and producer Dominic J Marshall. A veteran of the live the circuit (notably touring with Cinematic Orchestra) and already an accomplished recording artist, Dominic is both virtuosic and classically-trained, yet completely free of any musical or sonic constraints. His sound is infused with electronica and cosmic soul at every turn - deep, dubby, and drawing on diverse inspirations. Nomad’s Land is essentially an honest re?ection of the artist’s life experiences - inspired by people, relationships, psychedelic experiences, and human existence. The album also represents Dominic’s ?rst outing as a vocalist, bouncing between soulful singing, spoken word, and freestyle rap. This vocal element is crucial to the album’s impact, adding a layer of heart and truth to these deeply personal compositions. Deep diversity can be found throughout the record, from the sino-grime in?ected Time Unremembered, to the lush piano-trio vibes on Feeling, to the glitchy breakbeat jazz hybridity of DMT. Yet despite these seemingly disparate shades, Nomad’s Land is a singular statement and front-to-back listening experience, uni?ed by beautiful production and grounded in raw musicality.