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Cat no. TELV74320.1
Track Listings
1. American Drag
2. Jenny Says
3. Wait Forever
4. Beauty Contest
5. It Came To Me
6. All The Time
7. Tower Blocks
8. Blue Tarp Moon
9. Slip Dreams
10. What A Life

What separates The Domestics from the escapism of so many other indie pop acts is the fearlessness with which Michael Finn and Leo London confront their own pain. London's birth parents both battled with drug addiction in his early childhood before he was adopted by his grandparents at the age of two. Finn's trials came later on, struggling with health issues, depression and dependency in his early adult years. Writing in the aftermath of infidelity, mental illness, substance abuse and child abuse, Finn and London have wrought songs as moving as they are catchy and as honest as they are loud. What The Domestics provide that so many other bands do not is something which all listeners can relate to: vulnerability.