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Track Listing Disc: 1
1. Intro "Too much For One Guy"
2. Rollercoaster
3. La Banda Dello Scorpione SEQ.6
4. The Stars And You
6. Fire
Disc: 2
1. Interlude "Get In The Car"
2. Zaghrouta (Part 1)
3. The Scene
4. Amadou Ft. Bafana
5. Theme Of Fukuyama
6. La Banda Dello Scorpione - SEQ.7
7. Yushkevic
8. La Banda Dello Scorpione - SEQ. 2
9. Outro "I won't Be Here When You Get Back"

Always in search of ancient mysteries� - Pascal Pinkert a.k.a. Dollkraut celebrates a mystical love for the space age which leaves the listener breathless with its celestial romanticism. Am- algamating influences from 80's Electro Funk, A and B-movie soundtracks to 70's easy listen- ing, the Dutch composer, synth-wizard and vocalist creates a distinctive aesthetic that�s both nostalgic and futuristic.His debut LP �Schimanski's Black Lullabies� bellows �Cinema� throughout its wide-spread and epic travel and using vintage vocoders and filters, Dollkraut sings haunting themes on several of the albums songs. After years of releasing singles on Doppelschall, !K7 and Permanent Vacation amongst oth- ers, Dollkraut finally presents his debut LP �Schimanski's Black Lullabies�; a release that marks his return to Brandt Brauer Frick and their co-owned label The Gym but - more importantly - his florescence as a producer of daring and idiosyncratic electronic music. The album is inspired not only by the sounds of the 60's, 70�s and 80�s but more specifically by a kind of cult zeitgeist of each respective era. Nourished by TV programs like "The Scene" and by OSTs, it�s flecks of Miami Bass and Off-key Electronica coupled with the use of B-Movie snippets all work to provide a true insight into Dollkraut�s depth as a producer. With a clear and consistent narrative throughout, the LP opens out for �Rollercoaster� that initi- ates a purposeful charge though churning organ tones and walking guitar melodies before a cinematic theme opens up the landscape even more which works to contradict any expecta- tions of a House music album people may have had after Dollkraut's dancefloor hit "Loot". This sequence theme, which seems to evoke the spirits of movie composers Bruno Nicolai or Guido & Maurizio de Angelis, is reprised two times further on the album, creating a framework and a lesson on superb re-instrumentation at the same time. Back on the dancefloor, the deli- ciously mangled 80�s synth-pop tones of �The Stars And You� take the foreground with a haunting vocal line that makes this song an early highlight on the album as it spreads an eleg- ant breakdance vibe.�NSFW� follows up with synth stabs and squelching blobs of acid scattered over a broken, late 70�s Electro beat before �Fire� omits a ghostly, sunken glow that hypnotizes with nothing more than a vocal, a darkly shining pad, a kick and a snare. The tumbling Samba rhythms and Arabesque melodies of �Zaghrouta� then give way to the haunting minor-key and vocoder combination in �The Scene� which precedes the predomin- antly drum machine driven dancefloor destroyer �Theme Of Fukoyama. The scattered hats and spring reverberated claps of �Amadou� are then followed by another standout song: �Yushkevic�, with especially emotional vocals by Dollkraut. Melody and harmonies are equally reminiscent of traditional music from the Middle Orient and from the Balkans. �Yushkevic� will also appear on a single together with �The Stars And You� and remixes of both songs.