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Our Edinburgh Shop is currently undergoing a refurbishment!

Dj Shadow - Endtroducing Vinyl LP Reissue 2011

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Cat no. 5335160


LP 1

Best Foot Forward
Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
The Number Song

Transmission 1
Stem/Long Stem


LP 2

Transmission 2
Mutual Slump
Organ Donor
Why Hip Hop Sucks In 96
Midnight In A Perfect World

Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain
What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1 - Blue Sky Revisit)
Transmission 3


Having already gained an underground following with his US releases on Hollywood Basic, his own Solesides label and via the ultra-hip Mo' Wax imprint, the arrival of the 1995 recorded (hence the tenth anniversary deluxe edition reissue) and 1996 released "Entroducing..." saw DJ Shadow gain plaudits across the globe. With his crate diggers magpie-like sample finding ability, Shadow took hip hop's blueprint of building breaks from old records to another level, creating an often psychedelic, tripped-out, but still funky selection of instrumental tracks that totally reinvigorated the 'trip hop' scene and inspired many artists who followed. Our (and so many others') record of the year for 1996, "Entroducing..." still sounds as fresh as ever in 2014!