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Cat no. RKBT3154.1
Track Listings
1. Wild, Wild Mustang
2. The Victor
3. Mag Wheels
4. Mr. Eliminator
5. Blond In the 406
6. Surf Buggy
7. Taco Wagon
8. Nitro Fuel
9. The Scavengers
10. Firing Up
11. Hot Rid Racer
12. 426 Super Stock
13. Big Black Cad
14. Ho Dad Machine
15. 50 Miles To Go
16. My X-KE
17. Hot Rod Alley
18. Flashing Eyes
19. Night Rider
20. The Lonesome Road

Although Dick Dale has acquired many titles over his lengthy career and while he is best known as THE KING OF THE SURF GUITAR, Dick built a solid reputation blending his patented sound to the emerging car culture that was exploding all over the U.S. Drag strips were opening all over the country and kids were cranking up their AM radios to listen to songs like Mr. Eliminator and Nitro Fuel, all fueled by Dicks distortion laden Fender guitar.