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Destruction Unit Live In San Francisco Vinyl LP

Cat no. CLFC51.1
Track Listings
1. The World on Drugs
2. Slow Death Sounds
3. Bumpy Road
4. Night Loner

Vinyl LP pressing. 2015 live release from the indie noise rockers. "I believe Destruction Unit to be one of the most important underground bands in America. The live shows vary from dense chaos to dumbstruck pandemonium. The volume is always colossal. The spectacle, dramatic. "Putting microphones on these Arizona weirdos is similar to trying to get a decent recording of a soccer riot-getting Ryan [Rousseau] to sing into our microphone like shooting a hummingbird with a spitball from across a gorge... but we've done it. Polished up and pushing the red, we present this deathless comet captured to tape. Headphones on, lowlights flickering, spliff in hand-you are a warrior on the dawn of a new perilous passage... until you have to flip the LP. Enjoy." -John Dwyer.