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Del Amitri Fatal Mistakes Vinyl LP 2021

Cat no. COOKLP780


1. You Can't Go Back
2. All Hail Blind Love
3. Musicians And Beer
4. Close Your Eyes And Think Of England
5. Losing The Will To Die
6. Otherwise
7. It’s Feelings
8. I’m So Scared Of Dying
9. Mockingbird, Copy Me Now
10. Missing Person
11. Second Staircase
12. Lonely
13. Nation of Caners

“England has a lovely ring to it, much better to my ear than Britain. And it rhymes much better than Scotland. It never bothered me much that DJs in the US often used to refer to us as a band from England. Besides, two fifths of Del Amitri have been English since 1994. The word appealed to me, writing the song at the north western tip of the country in Lewis, staring out to sea, facing America and imagining that the whole land mass might slip its moorings and sail into the mid-Atlantic. This currently seems to be some people’s fantasy.“