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Cat no. OHM36M
Track Listings
1. Helial Harvester
2. January
3. Untitled
4. Northern Solace
5. Purposed for Greed
6. Sport
7. The Subject
8. What We Were When I Die

The debut album of electronic music sensation DEFCE is one of the deepest masterpieces in the house at Ohm Resistance. Singlehandedly defining a new genre of electronic music - DRUMCODE - Surface Tension is an audio film of the most delectable order. A partnership between De Qualia and the graphic artist SHVLFCE, the DEFCE sound is a regenerative dismantling of techno, drum & bass, and industrial musics, wound together to form the new genre called drumcode. Tempos running at 185 BPM+ with a steady pulse of kick drum in the center, scattershot percussion, and heartrending pad melodies are the critical elements comprising this new sound. They are backed by a spectacular live performance that has seen them in venues as disparate as Berlin's Burn the Machine Festival and Brooklyn's Saint Vitus. DEFCE is making the music of the future, occupying the same rarified air as composers as Aphex Twin, Burial, Shackleton - all people who have defined their own sound apart from the genres of music that begat them. Surface Tension is the framework of Drumcode - and a landmark, career defining debut album.