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DEEP PURPLE A Fire In The Sky 3LP Vinyl NEW 2017

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. 0190295934149

LP 1
Hell to Pay (Radio Edit)
Vincent Price
Rapture of the Deep
Sun Goes Down
Any Fule Kno That
Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
The Battle Rages On
Bad Attitude (Radio Edit)
Perfect Strangers

LP 2
You Keep On Moving (Single Edit)
Soldier of Fortune
Burn (US Single Edit)
Might Just Take Your Life
Woman From Tokyo (Single Edit)
Highway Star
Smoke On the Water
Demon's Eye

LP 3
Strange Kind of Woman
Speed King (U.S. Edit)
Child in Time
Black Night (Single Version)
Kentucky Woman (Stereo Mix)
Wring That Neck (Stereo Mix)
Mandrake Root (Stereo Mix)

Superb new compilation A Fire in the Sky features a selection of songs chosen from the 19 studio albums that Deep Purple recorded between 1968 and 2013.

This three disc version dives deep into Purple's past with 27 songs, and includes at least one track from every studio album through Now What? It also provides the ultimate showcase for the group's various incarnations through the years. To date, more than a dozen musicians have appeared on a Deep Purple album.