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DEATH BY UNGA BUNGA So Far So Good So Cool LP Vinyl NEW 2018

Cat no. JANSEN098LP

Haunt Me [Explicit]
Internet (Interlude)
So Cool
Into the Night
Turn My Brain Off
Space Face (Interlude) [Explicit]
I'm No Provider
Bye Bye

We're now starting to see the results of the hard work the boys in Norway's Death By Unga Bunga have been putting in since their debut album was released in 2010. Following the release of their fourth album Pineapple Pizza in 2016, the band have headlined shows on a coast-to-coast tour of the US, they've been riding high in the college radio charts, and they've been listed by more than one hundred radio stations in the Americas. Not bad for a small nordic rock band.Few bands write power-pop songs as compelling and catchy as these guys, and they're a treat to watch live as well - both for your five and a half year old baby sister and for your mother-in-law at sixty-two.Soon they will tour the US again as support to the legendary Stiff Little Fingers on their 40th Anniversary Tour. The boys are excited to hit the US interstate again crisscrossing the country as they play to the biggest rooms and crowds they've taken the stage for yet on this side of the Atlantic.But before that, more music will be released. In conjunction with the start of the tour, on September 8th the first taste from their forthcoming album will hit stores with the single "Bye Bye", to be released as a 7-inch with the title track on side A and "Into the Night" on the B side.