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Currently Unavailable
Cat no. SR53LP
Track Listings
1. My Made Up Spook
2. Miami Waters
3. Parallel Worlds
4. This Place
5. Receiver
6. Operation Of Chance
7. Somebody Is
8. Freezer

Finally the first longplayer for The/Das! - For "Freezer" the former side project of Bodi Bill allow themselves to be more band than project. In a technoid frame they create, along with regulars Thomalla (Krakatau), J?rg W?hner (Apparat) and Gunnar Spies (Mia.), a distinctly organic, in-depth soundscape. The/Das have chosen an exciting path. After sending their previous band Bodi Bill into a break, Fabian Fenk and Anton Feist have tried a lot with their new project The/Das. At the same time they combined different musical approaches under one umbrella. Two EPs with techno tracks were released on Italys cutting edge dance-label Life And Death. For Tale Of Us, also on Life And Death, Fenk sang his distinctive vocals. The/Das travel half the world, perform - according to the context - as a band or merge their pieces into pulsating DJ-sets. The EP "Speak Your Mind Speak" with song-oriented material is released on Sinnbus. The corresponding remixes by Uffe, Benjamin Damage and Vaal on their own label Krakatau. More and more The/Das' style condenses and their subcooled and highly driving music grows. All along their whole output The/Das made a huge promise. With "Freezer" they deliver on it.