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Danny Elfman - Justice League Vinyl LP 2018

Cat no. 19075807271

LP 1
Everybody Knows - Sigrid
The Justice League Theme - Logos
Hero's Theme
Batman on the Roof
Enter Cyborg
Wonder Woman Rescue
Hippolyta's Arrow

The Story of Steppenwolf
The Amazon Mother Box
Cyborg Meets Diana
Aquaman in Atlantis
Then There Were Three
The Tunnel Fight

LP 2
The World Needs Superman
Spark of the Flash
Friends and Foes
Justice League United
Bruce and Diana
The Final Battle

A New Hope
Anti-Hero's Theme
Come Together - Gary Clark Jr. & Junkie XL
Icky Thump - The White Stripes

Grammy award winner, Danny Elfman is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated composers.

In addition to Elfman’s original soundtrack, this album features additional popular songs Come Together (The Beatles) by Gary Clark Jr and Junkie XL, Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen) by Sigrid, and Icky Thump by the White Stripes.

While Elfman adds his personal touch to his score, DC fans will delight in some familiar moments. Elfman incorporates and re-interprets iconic music from past films, including John Williams’ Superman theme, Hans Zimmer’s Wonder Woman theme, and Elfman’s own Batman theme.