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Cat no. SLANG50069LP
Track Listings
1. Offred
2. Vessel
3. Mouthpiece
4. A Doll's House / Pavlovia
5. Kitsch
6. XVI
7. War Spoils
8. Forgetery
9. Club Meds
10. Pretty Good Joke
11. New Skies.

The follow up to 2011�s highly acclaimed, award winning �Oh Fortune� sees the Vancouver-based artist return after a few years out of the limelight, this time officially joining forces with his long-time -now integral- band members to play under the moniker Dan Mangan & Blacksmith. The name Blacksmith alludes to a craft that takes years to master and marks the start of a new era in Dan Mangan�s work, where the band play a larger role than ever before and the result is their heaviest, most intricate and most fearless work to date. The album title, �Club Meds�, is a pun on one of the driving lyrical motions of the record; the idea that we�re all on vacation from having to be honest with ourselves � that sometimes it�s easier to medicate than deal with reality. In his home-country of Canada, Dan Mangan has grown up in the public eye since garnering attention with his 2009 record �Nice, Nice, Very Nice�. Produced by Colin Stewart and Dan Mangan, �Club Meds� now sees him step from the singer-songwriter bracket, into the Technicolor splendour of a full band with poise, self-confidence and a new found depth & complexity. Blacksmith is Kenton Loewen (drums), Gordon Grdina (guitar), John Walsh (bass) and often JP Carter (trumpet), Jesse Zubot (violin) and Tyson Naylor (keys). They bring an unmistakable character to �Club Meds�; a stark glassy edge that swells and sways like a roaring ocean. Through a fog of analog feedback loops and synths, the band's performances breathe deeply and steadily like a dragon at rest