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Dan Levy - I Lost My Body Soundtrack Vinyl LP Red & Blue 2020

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Cat no. LSINV236LP

1. J'ai Perdu Mon Corps
2. Intuition
3. That Night
4. A Hand in the City
5. Memories
6. Fluorescent
7. You’re the One
8. Horizon
9. Igloo
10. Suburban
11. Camtar
12. Rosalie
13. Intercom
14. Music Box
15. Sale Soirée
16. Fly’s Fate
17. Snow
18. End Credits Alternative (Bonus Track)
19. I’m Here (Bonus Track)
20. La Complainte Du Soleil

Invada Records are to release the vinyl to Dan Levy's score to Netflix animated feature 'I Lost My Body'. The 2xLP score is pressed on 'One Red Disc, One Blue Disc' vinyl, and comes housed in a heavyweight gatefold sleeve with each record itself housed in a heavyweight double sided printed inner bag featuring artwork and credits. Levy is one half of the French electro-pop duo The Do, along with Olivia Merilhati. He also produces for S+C+A+R+R who is featured on the album. "Music is a powerful thing; it can be an emotional experience that surfaces new ideas about reality and truth," says Dan Levy of his experience scoring the film. "Working on I Lost My Body was the first time I scored an animated film, and I was seduced by the magic that emanated from the intense and painstaking work that goes into creating a film like this." An unforgettable visual journey from director Jeremy Clapin, I Lost My Body follows a severed hand as it escapes a Parisian laboratory and treks across the city in search of the rest of its body. The film won the Nespresso Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, the first animated film ever to do so.