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Cat no. VPLP1586

By the time of this album's release, the group Culture was no more, the name being just an identifying tag for the group's original frontman, Joseph Hill (although he was backed by one of Culture's other original members on his summer 2000 tour). So HUMBLE AFRICAN is really a Joseph Hill album, and it's beautiful. Hill continues to write fine lyrics with even finer hooks. His unique, reedy voice is a heartfelt Rastaman chant, sometimes compared to Burning Spear.

Starting with "Why Am I a Rastaman?" the album's first four tracks are so purely melodic they wash over your senses like a waterfall. The production, by the team of Collin "Bulby" York and Lynford "Fatta" Marshall (of the Fat Eyes label) is superb. On "Where Is the Love," Marcia Griffiths' familiar warble joins Hill, while on "Home Grown," Morgan Heritage harmonizes, and on "Poor People Hungry" there's a Tony Rebel toast. With HUMBLE AFRICAN Joseph Hill maintains his fine track record.