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Cat no. SNY789614.1
Track Listings
1. Abducted
2. Go Outside
3. You Know What I Mean
4. Most Wanted
5. Walk At Night
6. Never Heal Myself
7. Oh My God
8. Never Saw The Point
9. Bad Things
10. Bumper
11. Rave On

The full-length self-titled debut from enigmatic, pop due Cults was recorded and self-produced in the band s hometown of New York City. Working with engineer Shane Stoneback (Vampire Weekend, Sleigh Bells) the album is chock full of some of the most deliciously offbeat, slanted and enchanted songs you re likely to hear all year and includes some of the band s most coveted, first released tracks: Go Outside, Most Wanted, and Oh My God.

Tracks like Most Wanted and Go Outside compress key points in the history of pop including nods to everyone from My Bloody Valentine to Phil Spector to Jay Z and Lesley Gore, taking the listener down some very unexpected (and sometimes, unexpectedly dark) places indeed.

Gorgeously infectious melodies sit alongside surreal samples, soaring, cinematic choruses envelop lyrics detailing restlessness and heartbreak, and lush, out-and out- pop hits ( Bumper , the anthemic closer Rave On ) rub up against tracks of a decidedly more sinister bent ( Walk At Night , Never Saw the Point ). This is a pop record boldly unafraid to wear its idiosyncrasies on its sleeve, as well as its vivid harmonies.