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Country Side Of Harmonica Sam Broken Bottle Broken Heart Vinyl LP 2019

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Cat no. BE134

1. My First Broken Heart (Since My Last Broken Heart)
2. How Can I Love You?
3. I've Been Draggin' Since You've Gone
4. Losing a Girl You Never Had
5. I'll Leave the Front Door Open
6. Stepping Out
7. Cry Baby
8. Broken Bottle, Broken Heart
9. I Drink Because I Care
10. If That's the Way It's Gotta Be
11. Empty House
12. Why Me
13. Waiting for a Sunny Day
14. Patches on My Heart

This album, the latest collection of Honky-Tonk masterpieces by this generation's finest practitioners of the genre, is appropriately titled Broken Bottle, Broken Heart. Indeed, it was with both a bottle and a broken heart that I first sat down in my favorite chair to listen to these 14 songs of love and loss. Now, I'll be the first to tell you that it isn't always the best idea to mix heartache with alcohol while listening to real country music like this - the kind that once drifted out of car radios on back roads, blared out of jukeboxes, and echoed through dancehalls and Honky-Tonks across the U.S.A. Hell, that combination can be downright dangerous to the brokenhearted. But that midnight while taking a drink, closing my eyes, and getting lost in the music contained in the grooves of this LP, I was transported. I was taken away to another place, another time. It was as if my troubles were lifted, floating off into the horizon with the drifting sound of the steel guitar and soaring vocals. Visions of spit shined boots two-stepping across a well-worn dancefloor on a long-gone Saturday night swirled through my mind, with the twang of the guitar and the shuffling rhythms taking my blues away. Maybe it was the tequila talking... but I suspect that it was the music at work - the kind of real Country Music that I think these Swedish gentlemen are the very best at.