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Cat no. DRPL19.1
Track Listings
1. Safe European Home
2. English Civil War
3. Tommy Gun
4. Julie's In The Drug Squad
5. Last Gang In Town
6. Guns On The Roof
7. Drug-Stabbing Time
8. Stay Free
9. Cheapskates
10. All The Young Punks (New Boots And Contracts)

(VINYL LP) Listening to The Clash's sophomore release, Give 'Em Enough Rope, 23 years after its debut is a rare moment where sound and emotional intensity hold over time.This album is as relevant as ever, given the transition and volatility of modern times. Bolstered by some of the best rock 'n' roll riffs, melodies,and lyrical observations, it's a joy to throw this old friend on the turntable, sit back, and listen to its familiar and poignant sounds. What sets The Clash apart from other punk bands is their attention to musicianship and the honest articulation of their frustration and unrest. From the heralding anthem Safe European Home,' to the finale 'All The Young Punks, the record balances the viperous and angsty zeitgeist of the late 1970s with catchy tunes and toe-tapping-rock. The LP was rated 1978's Album Of The Year by Rolling Stone and Time magazines. It has proven itself over time to be one of the greatest records by any band. Drastic Plastic Records is extremely proud to bring this punk classic back on beautiful RTI-manufactured 180-gram vinyl. The LP is skillfully re-mastered by Sony from the original tapes for a nostalgic, yet 21st century, listening experience. Limited edition of 5,000 180-gram vinyl copies.