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CHRISTOPHER YOUNG Hellraiser LP Vinyl NEW 2017

Cat no. DW113

Hellbound Heart
The Lament Configuration
A Quick Death
A Seduction and Pursuit
In Love's Name
The Cenobites
The Rat Slice Quartet
Uncle Frank
Brought On By Night
Another Puzzle

Christopher Young’s Hellraiser is a classic horror soundtrack fresh from the depths of hell!

You know how the story goes; you pick up a strange puzzle box, try and solve it, and get pulled into hell where you're subjected to infinite torture by a guy with pins in his head. Bad day, bad day. But Hellraiser is a gothic horror masterpiece celebrating the transcendence of pleasure into pain and the question of what can come after death. One thing's for sure: there will be blood. And rats nailed to the wall.

Young's main theme mirrors the Lament Configuration, the Rubik's cube of the damned that is the centre of all this bloody mayhem, underlining the seductive nature with violins before opening up with the full orchestra to foretell the true nightmare contained within. The score features industrial elements reminiscent of the band Coil (who were originally due to score the film) intertwined with the sensual gothic overtones illustrating the next level of gratification the box offers, and it explodes in the final act as Pinhead and company come for their student of deviancy.